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Is Mediation Right for You?

Although Mediation has so many advantages that have been discussed elsewhere in this website, it is certainly not right for every divorcing couple.  In order to determine if it is the right choice for you, let us look at who Mediation may NOT be the best choice.  

Mediation often does not work for couples that are still very hurt and angry.  There is an emotional process that every divorcing couple must journey through.  This process is similar to a grieving process of any substantial loss, including death.  Divorce has many losses attached to it.  If the divorcing couple isn't at least partially through the emotional process, then they are not yet ready for Mediation.  For these couples, I suggest possibly some counseling, and time for the wounds to begin to heal.  When there is too much anger and/or too much hurt, Mediation may not be the best choice at this time.

Some anger and hurt can still be present and Mediation can be successful.  Actually the Mediation process can be helpful in moving through the negative feelings. It is when the wounds are very fresh that Mediation may not be the best choice. 

Mediation also will not and should not work when there is an strong imbalance of power between the divorcing couple.  If one party has too much power over the other, then the adversarial process would be recommended.  The person with limited power in the relationship may need an attorney to represent him or her.

If the above obstacles are not present, and there is a desire to work together to make your own decisions in a respectful manner with one another, then Mediation may be the right choice for you.







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Divorce Mediation Palm Beach County

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