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Costs of Pro Se Divorce Mediation Palm Beach County:

Every divorce mediation is different due to the issues that need to be resolved.  There are varied finanancial considerations, parenting agreements may or may not be necessary, the amount of time each party needs to emotionally proceed, personalities of the individuals, and the number of issues in dispute make every mediation different in the amount of time that is required.  

Although every mediation is unique, we try to keep each meeting to three hours or less.  We find that meeting for longer than three hours is very difficult for all involved.  We try to accomlish everything in three to four meetings, with the last being one hour.

A "typical" mediation requires approximately  7 to 9 hours in meeting time.  Depending upon the number of changes necessary, the paperwork can be accomplished outside of the meeting times in approximately 7 hours. Our standard rate per hour is $180 with a 2 hour minimum.  Therefore, a "typical" mediation would cost approximately $2,700. The parties are equally responsible for the mediation fees unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. 

We find it only fair to us and to our clients to bill  for the actual time spent.  We would appreciate payment at the end of each appointment time to include the time spent on that appointment and a portion of the time to be spent on the paperwork. For budgeting purposes, payment of approximately $900 at each appointment would be necessary. Either party is always free to end the mediation process at any time.

A divorce mediation can be accomplished in as little as one week's time or for as long as the parties desire. We space our meeting times to be dependant upon the needs of the divorcing couple.  We find it best to give everyone the emotional time needed to accept the major changes that accompany a divorce.  Some clients are both ready at the first meeting, but more often there is one party that is more ready than the other.  We will space our appointment times to what is desired and mutually agreed upon. 



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