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Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce Mediation:

Where will the Mediation take place?  

The Mediation can take place at our office located on Lake Worth Road which is easily accessible from either the turnpike or I-95.  Alternatively the Mediation can take place at a mutually agreed upon location.

May I bring another individual to the Mediation appointment?

It is not recommended to bring another individual to the Mediation appointment.  Although if both parties agree that another indivdual be present at the Mediation, it will be allowed.  That individual is bound by the confidentiality of the Mediation process.  It is highly recommended that child-care arrangements be made for the Mediation appointments.

Who will the Mediator represent?  

The Mediator does not represent either party.  The Mediator, as required by the Mediator's Code of Ethics, is totally unbiased.  The Mediator works together with both individuals.

Who will pay for the Mediator's services?  

Unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties, the mediator's fees are split evenly between the parties.

Does Mediation work with families that still have children in the household?  

Yes, this is when the mediation process is most beneficial.  Divorcing parents continue to be partners in raising their children and making important decisions on their behalf.  The divorce mediation process allows parents to learn how to come to agreements with one another presently and in the future regarding their children. Children benefit most from Divorce Mediation as it minimizes the amount of anger during this difficult time and into the future.  Children can thrive during and after a divorce depending mostly on the behavior of the parents.  In addition, the costs associated with divorce are minimized.  Everyone in the family benefits from the preservation of the assets due to the savings of legal, financial and psychological expenses that may otherwise be associated with an adversarial process.

Does Divorce Mediation work with families that have no children or children that are grown?  

Yes, Mediation can work for any family.  The only requirements needed for success is a genuine desire to come to an amicable agreement.

How should we prepare for our first Divorce Mediation conference?  

A couple of forms will be provided to each of you to be filled out independently prior to the first meeting.  Information needs to be provided regarding the financial situation of both individuals.  The most current tax return, bank, brokerage, and retirement statements need to be provided along with statements on any liabilities such as mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards.  Current earnings and living expenses will also need to be determined.



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